Upholstered Headboards and Allergies?

You have heard all about how upholstered headboards can dramatically change the look of your bedroom..  You have heard that they offer a relatively inexpensive way to enhance your room quickly and easily.  You have heard the styles, colors, patterns, and textures are outstanding.  And you have also heard that these headboards are not great for those with allergies.  Is this true, and if you have allergies, do you have to forgo the style and luxury of an upholstered headboard?

The reason why many experts recommend those with allergies stay away from headboards with upholstery is that they can harbor dust mites, which can aggravate those with allergies, asthma, and other breathing conditions.  But, to be fair, your mattress and bedding can also harbor these little pests.  So yes, they do have the potential to be a problem for those with allergies – but do they have to be a problem for you?  No.  With a little routine maintenance, you should be able to rest – and breathe – easy night after night.

Each week, make sure to vacuum your headboard thoroughly to keep dust mites from making themselves at home.  Spray a disinfectant, such as Lysol, on the headboard to kill germs, bacteria, and those unwelcome mites.  If you have a house that tends to get more dusty (such as older homes do), make sure to vacuum more frequently.  Many people with allergies love the comfort of their Skyline Furniture Headboards; if yours are particularly bad or if you have cats or dogs that hop up on the bed, a smooth, non-adherent leather headboard may be a great alternative.  Many of Skyline’s best headboards are made of Shantung, which is very easy to vacuum.  It provides the sumptuous look and feel of upholstery with a more hypoallergenic texture.

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